About us


“Building AI that respects tomorrow,

by being responsible today.”

In Respectful AI, we translate high-level research and insights into practical, actionable solutions, trainings, and awareness-rising events for businesses and public bodies, ensuring that anyone can navigate the complexities of AI with the highest standards of knowledge and ethics. We are not just transferring knowledge, we are shaping the future where stakeholders operate at the cutting edge of technology with a strong ethical foundation, proving that quality knowledge and responsible innovation are the cornerstones of success in the modern business and public environment.

Alžběta Solarczyk Krausová

Founder & CEO of Respectful AI

Alžběta stands at the forefront of artificial intelligence and legal scholarship as the visionary founder and CEO of Respectful AI. Alžběta established Respectful AI because she understood the critical importance of bridging academic expertise with business needs. With a distinguished career that connects the academic and practical realms, Alžběta also currently leads the Center for Innovations and Cyberlaw Research (CICeRo) at the prestigious Institute of State and Law of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

She has contributed to the field of AI regulation and ethics on an international level – Alžběta has acted as a member of the Expert Group on Liability and New Technologies at the European Commission, a member of OECD’s network of experts ONE AI, and as a Czech expert in negotiating the UNESCO’s Draft Recommendation on Ethics of AI. Since 2017, she has been instrumental in shaping the future regulation of AI, influencing policy both internationally and within the Czech Republic. She is the main author of Czech proposals for international regulation of AI submitted to UNCITRAL and UNIDROIT (2018), a co-author of the EU report Liability for Artificial Intelligence and other emerging digital technologies (2019), and a co-author of the non-paper of the Czech Republic Regulatory Framework for Artificial Intelligence in the European Union (2019). She is the main author of the Analysis of Legal and Ethical Aspects Related to Development of AI and Its Applications (2018) for the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic and a co-author of the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy of the Czech Republic (2019).

Alžběta’s research spans legal and ethical aspects of artificial intelligence, robotics, brain-computer interfaces, and the fusion of technology with organic life. She has been teaching at Charles University as well as other institutions and has spoken at numerous international conferences worldwide. She holds Ph.D. in Law and Information and Communication Technologies from Masaryk University, LL.M. in International Intellectual Property and Patent Law from Haifa University, and Master’s degree in Law and Legal Science from Masaryk University.



Alžběta has cooperated with:

UNESCO, European Commission, OECD, GPAI,

UNCITRAL, UNIDROIT, Government Office of the Czech Republic,

Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade, Czech Ministry of International Affairs, Microsoft, and others…

Olga Maximová

Director of Strategic Partnership and Outreach

Olga brings to Respectful AI a wealth of international experience from business, diplomacy, and the nonprofit sector. She possesses a unique combination of skills essential for strategic management, business development, and professional representation of the company at international forums. Her expertise is underpinned by strategic planning and revenue mobilisation for leading nonprofits, crisis management, as well as physical deployment in the EMEA region on behalf of the UK government, and mentoring within an international network focused on women’s empowerment. Olga is an enthusiastic cyclist and hiker, loves animals, and has a passion for personal growth and learning new things.


Jan Zvoník

Head of Product Development

Jan is a distinguished figure in AI innovation and digital strategy, adept at integrating AI with traditional technologies in a wide range of sectors. His leadership roles in notable ventures and his expertise in digital transformation highlight his ability to deliver targeted AI solutions and other digital products that have secured widespread recognition and significant funding.


  • Strategic Leadership: Jan spearheads the design and implementation of AI-driven projects, ensuring they align with business objectives and set industry benchmarks.
  • Product Development: He oversees the creation of innovative digital products, from concept through to market launch, fostering cross-functional team collaboration.
  • Growth: A crucial role in strategizing for market expansion, driving organizational growth.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Jan engages with a broad spectrum of stakeholders, including tech startups and educational institutions, to promote ethical AI practices and its responsible business integration.

Jan’s career is marked by his visionary approach to product development and his commitment to ethical AI use, underscoring his role as an influencer in leveraging technology for industry advancement and operational excellence.


Marek Velas

Head of Education

Marek is entrusted with the responsibility of developing and implementing educational initiatives that empower stakeholders across various domains to embrace ethical AI practices.


  • Curriculum Development: Marek collaborates with subject matter experts to design comprehensive educational curricula covering a wide spectrum of AI ethics, responsible AI development, bias mitigation, fairness, and transparency.
  • Program Implementation: Marek oversees the execution of educational programs, workshops, and training sessions, ensuring alignment with organizational goals and industry standards.
  • Content Creation: Marek creates engaging and informative educational content, including presentations, case studies, online courses, and multimedia resources, to facilitate learning and knowledge dissemination.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Marek cultivates relationships with educational institutions, industry partners, non-profit organizations, and governmental bodies to foster collaboration and promote the integration of ethical AI principles into academic and professional settings.


pavel ŠafrÁNEK

International PR Manager

Pavel is responsible for strategic PR consultancy and effective communication with local and international media, including social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter/X). He is also building awareness of the company, as well as the personal brand of the founder. His mission is to elevate the company’s profile in the field of AI ethics and regulation, positioning its representative as a thought leader. Pavel achieves this through conceptual PR activities in selected countries, creating demand for speaking opportunities within major forums such as TEDx and establish the company’s presence in global key business media outlets like Forbes, FT, or Reuters. As a highly skilled PR professional, he brings 25+ years of experience with influential journalists in 12 European countries. He is able to utilize his network to provide services during expansion within a local market or to foreign brands entering Central Europe. Pavel’s focus is PR strategy, media relations, and reputation management.


Legal services are provided in cooperation with

Tomáš Ščerba

Partner at DLA Piper

Tomáš is a partner of DLA Piper’s Corporate team with focus on technology in Prague office with 12 years of experience. He primarily focuses on ICT law (commercial technology transactions, on-line contracting, cybersecurity, IT outsourcing, AI, online and cloud services, telco contracts), IP law (trademarks portfolio optimization, SW licensing, copy rights and copy lefts, patents, TSAs), commercial and contract law (consumer law, framework agreements and general terms, template contracts, ecommerce), competition matters, compliance and regulatory (data processing compliance, whistleblowing, ethical codes, regulatory compliance for financial institutions) and energy law (electricity contracts, energy outsourcing, power-to-gas licensing, ESG, unbundling, energy data hubs, consumer contracts carve-outs). Tomáš has advised clients across a broad range of sectors, including technology, telecoms, media, financial services, energy and critical infrastructure or public authorities. In addition to his law practice, Tomáš is a lecturer at Masaryk University in Brno and other foreign institutions, is a member of the editorial boards of prestigious professional journals and the author of a number of publications and articles focused on IT law and cyber security.